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Our purpose is to cultivate a more regenerative digital frontier

what is

cohort 1

(2019 - 2021)


Gitcoin is a protocolDAO/impactDAO that builds Grants Stack, a Quadratic Funding crowdfunding protocol that has been used to fund 1000s of projects with over $72 million in total funding.


KERNEL is an open, peer-to-peer, lifelong network of awesome humans, one block at a time. Each block accommodates 250 individuals and runs for 8 weeks. It is a unique experience.


Host, co-sponsor and participate in hackathons. buidlbox is an end-to-end hackathons platform enabling buidlers and guidls with everything needed to gain novel skills, earn prizes, grow communities, and buidl a better web together.


We are building a movement towards a more regenerative cryptoeconomics movement. GreenPill is a community with a headless brand, which produces memes, podcasts, books that explore the frontier of how crypto can be pro-social and pro-humanity.

cohort 2

(Seedlings 🌱 | 2022+)


QF Social Network (Lense)

QF Social Network (Discord)

QF Mobile Game

QF Card Game

QF/Grants For Non-EVM Ecosystems

QF Partnership Finder